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Manic Moon: the Gorillaz meet Kate Bush at the Nick Drake Café

Manic Moon has risen from the ashes of the Wise Wound - a seminal cult band from London's 90's live music scene, that held the final residency of Bunjies Coffee House & Folk Cellar, a legendary basement club that featured performances from artists such as Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan.

Dubbed by Time Out as "the bastard child of Sid Vicious and Joni Mitchell" The Wise Wound's songwriter Sue is now at the helm of Manic Moon, along with old band-mate Den on bass and some new faces.

Manic Moon refuse to be pigeon-holed by expectation or preconception - the music is allowed to flow without limitations or genre restrictions, from Prog rock to ambient folk via a tidal wave of avant-garde.

Lyrically and musically they represent an unpredictable tumult of emotional fervour, with subject matter touching on the full spectrum of human experience, and reminding you that someone is always walking on your grave.

We want to take you beyond the wall to the secret garden (and we are talking Nancy Friday's Secret Garden here) sensual melodic slides with moist sharp intakes of breath pushing your harmonic reception to its outer limits. We'll lock you away in our secret attic, we'll drown you in the muddy pond, and then send you back home to your mummy on the porcelain bus.


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Haunted Collection of Library Music from the house of Manic Moon and beyond. The Lunary houses a varied collection of atmospheric Moods. Created to be flexible for use in film and media. We can also produce made-to-measure pieces for any prospective customer.




Sue Chewter

Songwriter, singer/ guitarist and producer

A bohemian songwriter.
The only Earth Mother with a biometric heart, Sue's song-writing combines the organic with technical manipulation.
The curator of the Lunary, songstress of Manic Moon, Chief Pimp and principal head mistress of Frock.
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Helena Nicholson

Vocalist including all harmonies

Formed from the time-travelling sperm of Mike Patton and Janis Joplin
Of Russian and Scottish roots, classically trained in the Welsh Valleys, and classically corrupted on the streets of Brighton.
Helena is a fledgling session singer and teacher. Her vocals range from sublime chill-out to hell-raised demonic growl to little girl who comes with an 18 Rating.
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Niels Halperin

Drums/ Engineering and production

Niels originates from North London. He probably had too much experience with working in radio which is great for us as we have him all to ourselves. Niels has considerable experience both as an engineer and drum producer. He also has a voice that melts the heart and curls the toes in a most pleasurable way. So look out for 'The Bearded lady album' an acoustic feast due out in November. He has lots of friends in the music industry including his little brother Steff Halperin of 'The Klaxons. Ooh what was that sound? Just a name dropping ha ha ...
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Davide Levi

Piano and string arrangements

Born in Milan, Davide studied piano and violin at the Conservatorio G. Verdi. In 2007/08, he studied classical composition with M Suvini, before moving to Brighton, where he gets a BA(Hons) in Music Composition for Professional Media. He writes soundtracks for short films, dance and theatrical performances, as well as orchestral pieces and arrangements.
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Den Levett

Double Bass

Based in North London, Den is another Classically trained type. She performs original comedy songs in real life, and in Second Life in the guise of Wobbie Wobbit. She teaches performance and comedy, including at Middlesex University where she studied and has also worked as music specialist for the drama department. She works with children at The Kaos Organisation and is an artist at Any Old Icon
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